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Ultrafiltration provides macro-modular separation to remove colloids, particles, large organics and microbiological contaminates.

MOUF® assets

We offer a flexible flow-rate mobile ultrafiltration asset to meet your requirements. These assets are available within a container, which may be delivered either as a wheel or non-wheel based solution.

MOUF 2×140® provides two ultrafiltration skids. Each skid can produce > 140m³/hour treated water removing colloids, particles, large organics and microbiological contaminants. They may be operated as independent skids, or together to produce >280m³/hour. This asset comes complete with automatic cleaning to allow for continuous  operation.

More Technologies


Processes in which solid particles are removed from water by the use of filter media.



Degassification is the removal or reduction of dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gasses from water.



Clarification to remove particles, suspended solids, organics, oil/grease, heavy metals, and colour from feed water.


Reverse Osmosis

A purification technology that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove dissolved salts, organic and inorganic molecules and particles from water.


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