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Veolia Mobile Water Services provide water treatment technologies pre-packaged on a trailer, skid or container for maximum mobility and rapid response. Available as standard or modular systems they are pre-engineered with ‘plug-and-play’ connections for ease of use.

We offer a wide range of water treatment technologies including, Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration, Deionisation, Filtration, Softening, Clarification and Degassing.

We also offer a range of mobile tanks and pumps.

Why choose our Services?

  • Speed of response and on-time delivery
  • The quality and quantity of treated water is guaranteed
  • Full technical and operational support throughout the rental agreement
  • ‘Hands off Maintenance’ — no spares and inventory management
  • Treated water volume can be increased or decreased at any time
  • Reliable and secure solution supported by our mobile fleet
  • Incorporates the latest technology
  • Health and Safety – safe handling of chemicals and assets


Clarification to remove particles, suspended solids, organics, oil/grease, heavy metals, and colour from feed water.



Degassification is the removal or reduction of dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gasses from water.



Deionisation for the removal and reduction of dissolved ions to produce high-quality water using ion exchange resins.



Processes in which solid particles are removed from water by the use of filter media.


Reverse Osmosis

A purification technology that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove dissolved salts, organic and inorganic molecules and particles from water.


Sea Water Desalination

This membrane technology treats high salinity water for the removal of dissolved salts, organics, inorganic molecules and particles.



The process of reducing and removing hardness salts from water.



Ultrafiltration provides macro-modular separation to remove colloids, particles, large organics and microbiological contaminates.


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