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Congress of Water and Sewage Management

polish flag 7th October 2020 | Wrocław, Poland

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27 – 29 October | VGB Chemiekonferenz, Dresden

german flag 27th October 2020 | Dresden, Germany

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29 October | Aquarama

dutch flag 29th October 2020 | Brabanthal, Belgium

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4-5 November | Petrochymia 2020

french flag 4th November 2020 | Martigues, France

On Demand Webinars

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Continuita’ Operativa

italian flag Video | 30 minutes

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Come garantire la tua produzione in periodi di siccità e cambiamenti della qualità dell’acqua di alimentazione

italian flag Video | 45 minutes

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Sicherung Ihrer Produktion gegen Rohwasserveränderungen in Zeiten von Wasserknappheit

german flag Video | 40 minutes

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Vid rutinunderhåll eller ett oförutsett haveri som påverkar din vattenreningsanläggning, bör du ha en plan för ersättningsvatten

swedish flag Video | 39 minutes

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