Client’s need

The power plant has power units both for base load and peak-load production. The base load unit uses hard coal as fuel, whereas two heating boilers for peak-load demand use natural gas and oil. The power plants have state-of-the-art cleaning equipment in order to guarantee that flue gases from the 120-m chimney are well within emission control limits.

The client contacted the Veolia to provide mobile water assets for the planned maintenance of the plant to replace the resins in their demineralised water plant.

Our solution

Veolia provided MORO 4×25 T- MODI 15000 T technology which enabled the bypassing of the fixed installed Demineralisation water plant. This allowed the client to carry out essential maintenance without a costly shutdown.


  • ReAct Customer rapid response to initial emergency
  • Quantity and quality of demineralised water achieved
  • Quality of service support