Client’s need

The client required water for the washing process, hot water and for high pressure water.

This company was registered with our REACT services and contacted the mobiles team for their emergency service following the a problem with their demineralisation water tank due to a leak on an heat exchanger.

Our solution

The team quickly mobilised the equipment and set up a MODI mobile unit to ensure the client had the quality and quantity of water required for operations. The solution was to reload the tank with good quality demineralisation water from produced by our MODI. Subsequent technologies were provided.


  • EDI < 2µs : 20 m³/h – First with MODI 9000
  • After with MOPS 100 – MORO 16C + 1 MODI 9000 in series

Production EDI 24/24 – 7/7 – From August to September 2017


  • No production stop and losses
  • Reliable and quick solution with Mobile Water Services
  • Tank was cleaned and filled up with good quality deminalised water
  • No sugar impurities to feed the boilers