The Client’s Needs

This Waste for Energy ‘EFW’ plant uses waste fired boilers generating 45 bar steam to drive a turbine. When a boiler is drained for its routine maintenance it has to be refilled with demineralised water with a limited flow rate from the make-up water demineralisation plant. This takes about three days – days of lost generation.

The Solution

With Veolia’s Mobile Water Services MOFI 35 m³/h mobile plant, Lakeside can get their boiler up and running in less than a day. The increased generation revenue more than covers the hire cost.

A Veolia engineer can be deployed, together with the necessary equipment, fittings and documentation within 2 hours of a call, so a MOFI is on standby at short notice in the event of a problem with their demineralisation plant.

The MOFI is self contained, and regeneration is carried out at Veolia’s regeneration station in Stoke-on-Trent, so there is no chemical or waste handling on site.