Client’s need

This customer had existing wooden cooling towers which were to be replaced, but shutting down the cooling system would result in lost production.

Instead the towers were replaced one by one, using a mobile water treatment system to provide and treat 50m³/hr of cooling water contaminated with demolition debris, which was flowing into the sump of the off-line tower. This needed to be handled and treated before the cooling towers could be replaced.

Our solution

Veolia provided a temporary plant consisting of pumps and two stages of filtration: coarse strainers followed by bag filters.

The skid mounted plant was designed, built and delivered to site within only a few days. The bespoke system remained there for two months until the tower replacement had been completed.


  • Continuous supply of 50 m³/h
  • Rapid response – onsite within 2 days of inquiry
  • Prevented discharge of contaminated water