Veolia Mobile Water Services fornisce al cliente acqua demineralizzata

Client’s need

To be able to carry out extensive repairs to the pipelines of the demineralisation system, the stationary water treatment system with a capacity of at least 120 m³/h had to be replaced with a mobile system of the same size. This was the only way to maintain normal operations of the steel mill during the two-week period.

Our solution

Using Veolia’s Mobile Water Services MORO 4x25T, MODI 15000T and MOPS 170 technology we not only met the customer’s requirement but exceeded it:

  • MORO 4 X25T: Mobile Reverse Osmosis asset providing > 95% rejection of ions from the water source
  • MODI 15000 T: Mobile Demineralised asset for polishing the reverse osmosis water to reach a quality < 0.1µS/cm
  • MOPS 170: Pump unit of 70m³/ h

The on-time installation and commissioning as well as around-the-clock support ensured maximum availability (100%).


  • Process Capacity: Delivery, connection and commissioning of a Reverse Osmosis asset prior to a mobile Demineralisation asset continuously producing 125 m³/h
  • To budget: Mobilisation completed within budget
  • Quality: Safe and secure operation of equipment designed for customer needs