Client’s need

Veolia’s Mobile Water Services received a request from an engineering house to clean their steam lines prior to commissioning of the power plant using the process of Steam Blowing. The client was also using Air Cooled Condensers (ACC) which had become contaminated with debris during fabrication.

The client also requested a closed loop filtration and polishing system for the ACC flushing in addition to temporary Deionisation for the steam blows. Using a mobile solution ensured minimum wastage of water and a significant reduction in cost.

Our solution

ACC Cleaning:

  • MOFI 1200S: Mobile mixed bed de-ionisation
  • MOFI 3 X 60S: Mobile skid mounted bag filters for solids removal
  • PUMP SKID: Mobile booster pumps

Steam blowing:

  • MODI 15000T: Mobile deionisation trailers to reduce the ion content providing conductivity of <0.1 µS/cm


  • Process Capacity: a continuous supply of 140 m³/h.
  • Service Expertise: Created a closed-loop filtration approach and polishing system for ACC flushing.
  • HSE: Maintained stringent Health & Safety standards under extreme operating conditions