The Client’s Needs

Veolia’s Mobile Water Services received a request from a customer to commission a mobile unit to clean the new boiler of a recently developed oil shalefired power plant. As the current deionised water system was not producing enough water, the customer required a temporary water source.

The Solution

Using Veolia’s MOFI 1200 S, MORO 4X24T and MODI 9000T technologies the customers requirements could not only be met but exceeded:

  • MOFI -1200 S: Mobile multi media filters for river water filtration after coagulation
  • MORO-4X24T: Mobile Reverse Osmosis trailer providing >95% rejection of ions from the water source
  • MODI 9000T: Mobile Demineralised trailer for polishing the reverse osmosis water to reach a quality < 0.1µS/cm

Process Description

Boiler Clean: Acid cleaning of boilers tubes involves the removal of rust and scale in new tubes to avoid overheating during operation. It is performed by an etching acid followed by thorough rinsing. This must be done by rinsing water of high quality and at very high flow to prevent the acid stagnating and degrading. The quantity and quality of water supply is therefore a key factor for the success of the operation. In Narva, our customer needed 75 m³/h of <5µS/cm demineralized water for 2 x10 days to fill a 900 m³ treated water tank, which was emptied once or twice a day in order to flush out acid from the boiler


Process Capacity: a continuous supply of 75 m³/h of <5µS/cm demineralized water.

Quality: Adherence to local market regulations ensures stringent process control by Veolia.

Service: a continuous supply during the 10 day project, 16 hours per day with our engineers onsite throughout this period.

To Budget: Project finished within customer’s budget.