Time to consider outsourcing

Mobile water treatment plants are a familiar part of the industrial landscape across all industrial sectors from food & beverage, power, to pharmaceutical and petrochemicals.

Mobile Water Services

Treatment needs are changing and so too is the way in which mobiles are used. Whilst many of the applications for mobile units are still for emergency or planned maintenance cover, an increasing number of companies are making a case for long-term rent when the capital investment in a permanent plant may not pay back within the expected life of the project. In this case, a Multi-Year rental can be provided under a ‘Pay as You Go’ flexible long term agreement. This means that the water system is funded by the operations budget leaving capital available for other investments.

Advantages include:

  • Quality and quantity guarantees
  • Full technical and operations support
  • Flexible contract to increase or decrease size of system
  • Fixed pricing and budgets
  • Reliability and security with mobile fleet backing
  • Latest technology and knowledge
  • Minimal infrastructure and maintenance costs
  • Reduced manpower
  • No spares and inventory management

The plant is installed in trailer or standard containers skid mounted. Containers are insulated and supplied with heating and lighting so that, inside the container, the environment is similar to most plant rooms. The containers are also kitted out with the required safety equipment.

Renting through a reliable supplier means access to their expertise, allowing manufacturers to focus on their core activity.

To find out more about our Multi-Year services contact us and we can take you through our simple 4 step process.