Sea Water Desalination

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Sea Water Desalination

This membrane technology treats high salinity water for the removal of dissolved salts, organics, inorganic molecules and particles.

RW 300F ® and SWRO 30C ® assets

Our SWRO 30 sea water desalination assets offer a treatment combination of technologies either for surface water or well water intake, providing flexibility to treat high salinity water based upon a variety of sources of feed water.

SWRO 30C ®  provides a reverse osmosis skid which can produce > 30m³/hour permeate with a salt rejection > 99%. The typical feed water salinity is 36,000 mgl. The asset is provided complete with cleaning station with a 40ft container.

RW 300F®  is a treatment multimedia filtration process. This asset consists of 2 foot containers which work together automatically to filter the feed water for the SWRO 30C.

More Technologies


Degassification is the removal or reduction of dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gasses from water.


Reverse Osmosis

A purification technology that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove dissolved salts, organic and inorganic molecules and particles from water.



Ultrafiltration provides macro-modular separation to remove colloids, particles, large organics and microbiological contaminates.



The process of reducing and removing hardness salts from water.



Clarification to remove particles, suspended solids, organics, oil/grease, heavy metals, and colour from feed water.



Deionisation for the removal and reduction of dissolved ions to produce high-quality water using ion exchange resins.



Processes in which solid particles are removed from water by the use of filter media.


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