Mobile Demineralisation for a medium term project, France

The Client’s

Needs Veolia’s Mobile Water Services received an enquiry from our customer, in July 2014 regarding the possibility to rent a mobile unit whilst seeking to replace their current water demineralised system, which was not working to its usual high specification The final capex investment of an new permanent facility has been approved to be commissioned by Veolia later this year. In the meantime our customer has been able to acquire mobile water assets for temporary mobilisation whilst the plant is being built.

The Solution

Using Veolia’s MORO – 4+3S we are not only meeting the customer requirement but we are exceeding it:

  • Technology: MORO – 4+3S: Mobile Reverse Osmosis trailer providing >95% rejection of ions from the water source
  • Process Capacity: Delivery, connection and commissioning of a double reverse osmosis skid producing continuously 3 m3/h of 10µS/cm demineralized water
  • Timeliness: Immediate response and rapid implementation of a mobile unit for the production of purified water. Delivery within the day of ordering for production to commence
  • Quality: Technical staff trained to specific speciation for industrial chemical environment