Veolia’s Mobile Water Services provides Commissioning Water and Chemical Clean for Engineering House, Konin, Poland

The Client’s Needs

Veolia’s Mobile Water Services received a request from a customer to supply 800 MW extra high pressure boiler for a plant extension. The contract was based on an full service and mobile plant supply.

Due to the fact that the surface water was from a lake located nearby the coal boiler plant Veolia had to resolve two main difficulties in terms of pre-treatment: 1) seasonal summer bacteria growth, high solids and iron raw water content at the date of planned commissioning 2) the high net flow capacity rate of 120 m3h either 175 m3 /h during the beginning of the project.

The Solution

Using Veolia’s MORO and MODI technologies the customers requirements could not only be met but exceeded:

  • Media Filtration: Skid mounted vessels to remove solids, bacteria and Fe
  • MORO-60T: Mobile Reverse Osmosis trailer providing >95% rejection of ions from the town mains feed water
  • MODI-15000T: Mobile Deionisation trailer to further reduce the ion content providing a conductivity of <0.1 µS/cm


  • Process Capacity: Delivery, connection and commissioning of a Reverse Osmosis trailer prior to a mobile Deionisation trailer continuously producing 120 m3 /h of 01.µS/cm demineralised water
  • Service Quality: Technical staff trained to specific speciation for industrial chemical environment
  • To Budget: Project is finished within customer’s budget