E.ON District heating requirements for low oxygen requirement fulfilled by Veolia’s Mobile Water Services, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Client’s Needs

Veolia’s Mobile Water Services received an enquiry from E.ON Benelux to fill a heat storage (see photo) facility located at the Galileistraat plant in Rotterdam, with 14,000m3 of high purity water free of dissolved oxygen.

The water was treated to comply with the Dutch guidelines for district heating – DNV KEMA*, along with the European Standard for boiler water VGB-R450L (specification of EGV<0,1 µS/cm and O2<20ppb).

The Solution

By combining Veolia’s REMOX, MORO and a MODI technologies the customers requirements could not only be met but exceeded:

  • REMOX-100C: Mobile oxygen removal system to remove any oxygen from the de-ionised water down to <20 ppb O2
  • MORO-60T: Mobile Reverse Osmosis trailer providing >95% rejection of ions from the town mains feed water
  • MODI-15000T: Mobile De Ionisation trailer to further reduce the ion content, providing a conductivity of <0.1 µS/cm

Process Description

De-Gassing: Oxygen and carbon dioxide gas is removed from water by utilising a «hollow-fibre» membrane process in combination with vacuum and nitrogen as stripping gas. REMOX-100C incorporates a highly efficient design can operate at up to 50 m3 /hr per stream, giving a total continuous output of 100 m3 /h with < 10ppb O2 , < 0.3 ppm CO2 . The system is housed within a fully air conditioned and insulated 40ft container complete with all the necessary services.


Process Capacity: a continuous supply of 60m3 /h < 10ppb O2.

Timeliness: required volume is met in just over a week enabling E.ON to meet it’s deadline to end-users.

Quality: Stringent process control by Veolia ensures high quality of deoxygenated water.

To Budget: Project is finished within E.ON’s budget


E.ON are pleased with the results:

“We regularly use Veolia’s Mobile Water Services for planned maintenance activities and the trailers always perform to spec. I have a great relationship with the team and no request is too much trouble for them.”

*DNV Kema (Det Norske Veritas, Keuring van Elektrotechnische Materialen te Arnhem) is part of DNV VL, a global certification and consulting firm based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. As one of the three classification and certification companies in the world specialising in energy, their district heating guidelines are a leading industry standard within the country.